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Don't you remember....Yesterday..I just must have passed out..?

kakaonaver 2021. 2. 24.

Don't you remember....Yesterday..I just must have passed out..?
Nothing excessive about the first day arrived in Melbourne..lol

I woke up in the morning blog and write..Did you go to bed bars..

And putting it on blogs in the morning..
In writing mode..

Rapid wrap up in the morning and posted..Year...
Lol I was just wrap you in the last.

- Let's go to Melbourne ilgua!!

Melbourne! day twoJanuary 2.!

There is a good morning...

Scarce jobs, which began at last.....
Up at 8:00 every morning!!Dog tired. to illa..Syubang...
I am afraid to get and stay out of a job as a sireu..

If you like I feel this bowwow...
Toe joint..Holding the bed
Don't go home...What kind of resume, offends our country...

I don't even want to work, and I don't want to ilgua
Even a worm will be is still in the body, unemployed gene dna..♥

So ... weather and for the first time in over two hours.
At 10 p.m..Left home..

ㅠㅠ museopjjya to swivel your resume..crying
I can look like much...So sim a man....
Too Much shy Guy...Bukeureop a tea set...

...I can't possibly....I can't turn, that I felt that they were!!
Just ilgua rranikka Pikkeosot!!By stress..!!

That's why!!I gyang gasseum for shopping. in Melbourne dfo..

Not long ago bought shoes...
Haha I bought it again.!!And buy slippers, too...

Buy the T-shirt is three more!!
I bought size s..One no sense. Unveiled its ;
Too big for me....Geez....
It's another blew all his money..Family names Woo..Jjaingna

......I has this kind of you a refund..Nature ㅠㅠ
I would like some more water a little side dish in a restaurant...Has good at talking like this...
It feels as if not a sin for some reason...

big.Let's see. in 2014, character or bwakkwo. lol

Taking the lead in a conspiracy!!!Here's one bowl extroverts gattaju iso!!

But afterwards, I, my heart is now at peace.
" In a peace "

Resume...Back?Don't you?
Let's spin.....!

A kitchen hand...to not want to do something....No!

Target to the hotel decided to try.
Housekeeper - Housekeeper.

Melbourne and housekeeping!

The first arrive the hotel.

Hilton Hotel

I'm for housekeeping to get.
How can this hotel?

Yes, we are!!I don't ... be like your resume is.
Support on the Internet..

Hi araseo." ...

What are you...Now more than you...?
No Trespassing ' a bad guy and I'm not telling you that this site address, too...

The second hotel

"Crowne PlaZa"
I'd like to ask Job hausuiping ^^.
You can apply what?

Well..We are!!
,, I have separate agency.
Oh, is there ahs
Gidaryoba gaba I'll write down your address here.
Level3 255 Bourke St

Yes, thank you.HI~.

The third hotel
"Grand Hotel"

Haussuiping for Job.
What for?

Well..Do you have your resume?
I'll go and tell the manager coming in today.

Well, thanks,

The fourth hotel

"Holiday Inn"

How come you don't know how me?
See you and all isiki

We have your resume you that I couldn't accept.
Well?Outsourcing is played by Kim Suk-hoon using..
That's a mwondae.?Please write

Write something silk hospitality.
What are you this..
Don't show up for Google Maps,
Naver search to lose...?..What's eating this?

The fifth hotel

"Batman's Hotel"

Take my resume Wopp!!



The sixth hotel

"The great sourthen Hotel"

You got my resume his wife, your Wopp!

OOO leave

Thank you

Seven and eight hotels!!

"Adina Hotel"

This is a hotel there were two..Affiliates

One is the resume and take it.
One is we say online application.

One of them is telling me porky pies haneungge clear!

Probably..Your resume is Gura, who will..crying
My resume to the Recycle Bin.Remove files open … I just try...crying

At the ninth

" Hyatt Grand "

I came here to give your resume.

Online Support us!

I'll write down your address He goes in the bar..

Yes, araseo..

I logged onto the site..

Support position...

Front service
Geez..I'm jane don't have the desired position...

The last column the hotel.

" Windsor Hotel "

Here you go your resume

Our Internet support.....Ah??Isn't that I don't know..
Gyang your resume and go.

Foot..Gyang it said....ㅉㅉ

Melbourne the end of an expedition to the hotel so..!!

To conclude, I mean..

I got ahs agency I went to talk to the hotel.
255 Bourke St
Is very easy to find in the central city.

There's a tiny office in the third floor.
I want to work me Help me come ooo.

I've housekeeping?
Where did you try?
How much a visa?

Yeah?Take this

I got a piece of paper...

What we've discovered something...
Kk How the Internet support..??
What other blog we've discovered less anything from the office..
I think I'm a little different about the experience, of....
I expect the agency byongsin ㅠㅠ,

The address when we start attacking..
All the traffic!!

Personally identifiable information and tips..
Houseperson/room attendant
Who were you two need to be supported...?shivering

what..I'm going to reach or don't know..

Come here!!Curriculum vitae of the hotel and then "tip"

We are..Yeah...Koza....eunuch...
English and the person LOL
It is no use keep on turning your resume. do that?
500 of 1,000 copies?
What are you doing, lol.

I can't understand English anyway. If anyone calls, lol lol.

So the app must be installed!!
Google stores - is call recording.

Not a good idea to keep this...

All recorded phone call details are automatically!!

What you on this..I don't like I know some...
Still, his voice one more time at ㅠㅠ to and as to be sad.

Make killer apps and must definitely a resume in Australia muteun.

Tomorrow is..How should their job-seeking activities.....I'm worried.
What are you doing?

I'm gumtree geomteuri is...I hate it.
Australia's largest site, but jap....
Here....The site you get

Job offering than a man.
To get more people to want.
So ㅠㅠ in low spirits...
I should like that feeling??...

Yes, I'm muteun..

Next time...Korean site, Melbourne Australia..
Here..Suspension and a moment...
Two days later and borok is what I'll do.

I work can be of less than five months...
With a more than money, at least six months who can really work need a visa..

I don't get the job as you...Getting, it's hard to find work.
0.01 % per day more difficult to find..
Because people have fewer of the visa periods...Heumjommu

Melbourne after the tour of jobs.
Melbourne tour....beginning
Hehe Melbourne already on the old days all around...I don't appeal..
Back to the basics in that sense..

Once again..Melbourne bump!!

Albert Park to gallery - is Fitzroy Gardens - is - is tube war
Puzzled, all the way..

Melbourne have remained peaceful.
No. 1 city for good place to live a ^^

And all the way in Melbourne.

I worked six months ago..!!I went to the place.
A Melbourne back!!

what..Do you have any job?It is not to ask.
It's just!!I went to New Year's greetings. lol

Boss of corporal punishment, the director, ma'am lol all well.
See you on the duck is. LOL well as students, Alba.

Came out and say hello to you...
Rice ink to hear that in the future. !!
I am me a lot of questions on his face weiri sigoseon do that...

Hehe a bite to eat at school. I get you should go on Saturday, hee hee.

Another who worked on the go in...
The door was shut.
1 / 8th, 2007 and 2014...Vacation but was it a note.
..vacation..Or gasyeotkkyu...I see..

The end of the day,

Back home...
The day has passed all the way.
It was here..
Is it on foot a lot..He was a little sick, and looked..

Anyone still in Melbourne came home and acquaintances to contact you.
Let's stay and rice!!

Get in touch to jeongnuna you taking off for on Sunday.
And a dinner date iryollal.

Uhyeong and to ask your dinner tomorrow.

Saturday was lip and have dinner with my brother asked me.Haha
I am going to work you ask if..
You leaving us soon
Kk How to drive the problem is work...
Though they do not know how to drive me? LOL.

But this took thanks and appreciation of jobs.

And I want to see in Melbourne in 1991, student friends!!!

It did the Ho Ho Ho family!!

The ㅠㅠ you...Cleaning work hard in the morning.
10 hours yesterday goratteoreojyeo..I don't have the power washing You know, he is not an ㅠㅠ.
Sad sad...But nalham and decided to drink coffee..
Come on, friend, ㅠㅠ.

And another ho!!
Jičín landscape works crying
From 4 p.m. kitchen hand until 2 a.m..
You want to weiri eongeong do you feel sad....
The friend ㅠㅠ time did coffee giru...

The three are gathered to...It is hard to see you...
Should look at separately...

Acquaintances....Come get in touch....Everyone's busy to work in Melbourne.

Out of a job just me....!!

I have a lot of the same jamniseu of Australia woolleo..
Be a lot of time and a day long...

There is a In this situation the only way to make money in Australia..

It is to buy time.
Spare time to study...

That's the money.Hehe.

Writes like this...
Words can do for myself..
Mind your own business. LOL

So ... saying to me.lol

Anna to it's hard to keep New Year's resolution...

Reading English sport.

Only the second day of the new year...

Everybody is a goal of doing well but don't know...

Muteun When will I...In Melbourne...Be going to start...??Ying??

Melbourne today own way around in every corner...

Summon my other self!In Melbourne gallery.

Malvern hotel, a tour today.

But there is more hotel..To get here,.I'm tired.

Ahs agency

A hotel, scribbled on it....

Albert Park

Memorial crown


Listening to music performance

Melbourne street and walk around, too.

Fitzroy Park

Distance misa

Feather renisyeon Square